About us

IMPRIMSISTEM SRL designs and manufactures labeling and marking equipment and other equipment for industrial use (bottling, capping).

IMPRIMSISTEM SRL is located in the Republic of Moldova, the city of Chisinau, and occupies a production area of more than 1000 square meters and has at its disposal more than 50 highly qualified specialists.

The enterprise has sections for machining, welding, galvanizing, painting, polymer casting, simple and complex assembly production, installation of printed circuit boards and harnesses. It has its own testing laboratory and an advanced development department.

Constant innovation is a reflection of our values – to be a technical leader, to produce a competitive product.

Our competitive advantages

Self production, equipped with CNC machines.

Our own testing laboratory, quality control department and advanced development department.

We provide professional technical support at all stages of interaction.

Warranty inspection services.

Training of service personnel at the customer’s premises.

Competent choice of materials and technical solutions.

We develop complex and non-standard products based on the customer’s instructions.

Joint engineering analysis of technical solutions.

Innovative thinking.

We have developed our own software.

Introducing the most advanced – materials, technologies, and equipment – today we are developing what you will demand tomorrow.

In the last 20 years we have more than 1000 companies in the market of Moldova, the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Italy, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Libya, Iran, India, etc.

The company IMPRIMSISTEM SRL was awarded with honorary diplomas of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry of the Republic of Moldova of I and II degrees for participation in the competitions “Novelty of the Year” held within the framework of International Specialized Exhibitions.

About our company

The main activities of IMPRIMSISTEM

Development and production of marking and labeling equipment.

Extensive experience in working with manufacturing enterprises allowed us to create our own technologies for industrial marking equipment. A wide range of models and high-quality performance of marking printers allow us to solve the issue of marking products in various industries. Printers provide high-quality marking of goods such as: the date and time of manufacture, the expiration date, the lot number, barcodes, logos, serial numbers, and the product weight.

Selling marking equipment and labeling equipment

We’ve created a network of company representatives in the CIS countries. We sell marking and labeling equipment to a wide range of consumers: from large industrial enterprises to small manufacturers of various products.

The maintenance of marking and labeling equipment

For 15 years, our engineers have been servicing markers and daters of all well-known companies. Our company is ready to provide a range of services for the automation of production, installation and commissioning of equipment purchased from us, warranty and service maintenance. In addition, we provide free training for personnel to work with our equipment, and if you have any questions, you can always count on receiving qualified advice from our specialists.

We sell consumables, components and spare parts for marking equipment

As a distributor of Independent Inc Europe SRL, we supply consumables for marking machines of all well-known companies in the CIS countries. We always have plentiful supplies of ink, solvents, thermal printer ribbons and spare parts in stock.

Warranty service for ink jet markers, thermal printers, applicators and labeling systems.

The company pays great attention to any issues of warranty and service maintenance. We provide a warranty for any equipment purchased from us.
Having our own service center, qualified specialists, and the necessary equipment and components, we are always ready to eliminate any malfunctions that occur during the operation of marking industrial equipment as soon as possible.