Thermal printers TREI P series

Thermal printer TREI-P 06 (start-stop mode)

Thermal printer TREI-P 10 APM (automatic filling of oil and other products in bricks)

Thermal printer TREI-P 12 (continuous mode)

Thermal printer TREI-P – AQUA (continuous mode)

Thermal Printer TREI P Series is a cost-effective device intended for contact application of information from 1 to 3 lines on any packaging material. Date of issue, series, party, etc. applied to the surface are marked either in the continuous operation, or in the start-stop mode. Dater is designed to work with the packing and packaging lines of horizontal and vertical type. Device can also be mounted on the applicator sticking self-adhesive labels.

Options Description
Print 1-3 rows
number of characters in a row 10
matrix size 30mm x 14mm
Maximum Print Speed 3 print per second
character height 3mm, 4mm
number of fonts optional
Print Step 2mm – 14mm
Dimensions 210mm x 155mm x 70mm
Weight 2,5 kg
Control unit dimensions 135mm x 110mm 65mm
Control unit weight 0,5 kg
Print media temperature 40°C – 180°C
Electric power supply 220V, 60W, 50Hz
Print ribbon consumption up to 112,500 prints per roll on one line printing

The mode of operation of the thermal printer is to perform the hot stamp imprint via thermal tape (ribbon) on the label or packaging material. The resulting marking is of high quality, requires no drying time, and cannot be erased.  The printing can be done in one or more lines according to the stamp. The composition of the stamp may include alphabetic and numeric characters, numeric keypad, a cliché to print logos, labels, bar codes, as well as large amounts of text. Coloring thermal tape comes in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Why printer Trei P?

* A clear print on any surface
* Small, easy to install
* Economical ribbon consumption
* Low cost of consumables
* High speed printing

Benefits of thermal printing

  • Reliability of fingerprint (it increases the shelf life of the material chosen)
  • Ability to use in industrial environments
  • Low cost of equipment servicing
  • Ability to print on various materials (paper, coated with and without cardboard, polyethylene, polypropylene, plastics, textile materials)
  • High-speed printing
  • Large selection of ribbon (wax, wax/resin, resin)
  • Significantly expands the range of colors
  • Not pollute the environment