Labeling complex MeXiCo

Designed to automatically label cylindrical containers up to 300ml size. Top labeling is available as well.
MeXiCo Labeling system is recommended for use in medical, cosmetic and food industry.

Completeness and technical specifications
Conveyor (Length) 800 mm
Conveyor (Width) 60 mm
Belt (Width) 50 mm
Side conveyor (Belt height) 60 mm
Counterpart (Height)  80 mm
– Stand – Feeding table
– Container spacer – Accumulating table
TreiP thermal printer (up to 3 lines, character height 4mm {3mm on demand})
Fence label applicator (label height up to 100mm)
Power supply 220V, 50Hz
mexicos 1 mic mexicos 2 mic
mexicos 3 mic mexicos 4 mic