Labeling linear complex LabelGates

“LabelGates” labeling system is designed for automatic application of two or more self-adhesive labels (label, bottleneck label, back label, excise stamp) to various containers: 100gramm – 10liters.

Standard configuration includes two Fence label applicators, hold-down conveyor and stand with basiс units. The complex is supplied as a ready-to-work system and depening on technical specifications may include:

Conveyor Stand
One or two applicators
Thermal printer TREI-P
Side conveyor
Hold-down conveyor
Package orienting device
Package separator
Accumulating table
Levelling platforms

Technical specifications
Productivity 3000 pcs/hour
Quantity of labeling stations 2/3
Labeling stations productivity 40 m/min
Label application accuracy +/- 1 mm
Label height 20 – 160 mm
Label length (mm) not limited
Label application (from the bottom point of the container) min 5 mm
Label roll core diameter 76 mm
Outer label roll diameter up to 250 mm
Container height up to 400 mm
Diameter of the container up to 200 mm
Number of programs stored 20
Power supply 220V, 50Hz
Power consumption (incl. labeling stations) 3kW
Operating temperature +5 to +45 °C
Device dimentions (incl.conveyor) 3000 x 1800
labelgates 1mic labelgates 2mic labelgates 3mic
labelgates 4mic labelgates 5mic labelgates 6mic
labelgates 8mic labelgates 7mic labelgates 9mic